Sundays: 8.30 am Holy Communion (Scottish Liturgy 1970) 10.00 am Family Eucharist (Scottish Liturgy 1982)

6.00 pm Evening Prayer (Scottish Prayer Book) last Sunday of the month only

On the first Sunday of the Month there is a Soup and Pudding Lunch at the Trinity Centre.

During the week Holy Communion is celebrated at 10.00 am on Wednesdays. Holy Communion is also regularly celebrated on the greater festivals, usually in the evening. Ecumenical services are held during Holy Week and on other appropriate occasions, including a Memorial Service on All Souls Day.

Sunday 14 April Palm Sunday

8.30am Holy Communion (said)

10am    Holy Communion (starts in Trinity Centre)

Monday of Holy Week                     7.30pm Stations of the Cross

Tuesday of Holy Week                    10am Holy Communion (said)

Wednesday of Holy Week              10am Holy Communion (with refreshments afterwards)

Maundy Thursday                          7.30pm Institution of the Last Supper and the Watch of the Passion

Good Friday 19 April                     Ecumenical Walk of Witness 11.45 starting at West Church 2pm Last Hour at Holy Trinity

Easter Sunday 20 April

6am Dawn Service followed by breakfast in the Rectory

8.30am Holy Communion

10am Sung Holy Communion

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