Feb 3, 2023

Looking Forward 2023 / Looking Back 2022

written by Liz O'Ryan

Mission Plan Year 4

January 2023; Holy Trinity; Rev Liz O’Ryan

Reflections from last year

What we achieved LAST YEAR – 2022 Year of Pilgrimage 2022:

-Explore outdoor labyrinth in centre of driveway (liaise with Di Williams?)

– Two day Retreat for congregation at Whitchester

-Pilgrimage to Nunraw Abbey

-Took part in ‘The Big Walk’ May 28th to Edinburgh Cathedral

-Reinstated refreshments after the service including Soup and Sweet

-Reinstated taking sacrament in both kinds + shaking hands at Peace

-Restarted Music Group accompaniment first Sunday of month

Hosted and held Pilgrimage Conference for Diocese

-Held a Day of Discovery, as we listened to each other’s stories

-Advent and Lent Group

-Jubilee Lunch

-Moved our accounts and financial affairs to Douglas Home, and welcomed Duncan McKinnell as Treasurer

– 6 week Meditation Course – and now 2 groups offered fortnightly

-St Andrew’s Night celebration

-Replaced lights in church to LED ones + secondary glazing in Rectory and new carpet for lounge

-Wi-Fi and camera installed and services in church nnow live streamed and watched by 10 – 20 people regularly


Learnings/reflections from last year  In reflection we have learned:

-Together we can achieve a great deal!

– Last year was a busy and fulfilling year

-We have benefitted from new people on Vestry and those joining the church

-Moving our financial concerns was risky and scary – but it has had a positive outcome

-The use of the Trinity Centre has increased  which is good for finances but more importantly is a good resource for our community

-We have built and are growing a community which cares for each other and wants to spend time together

-Numbers attending church are good – and have grown

-We are to be encouraged by the warmth of welcome, the friendliness and openness of the congregation

-It has been a year of confidence building – we believe we can achieve what we want to do


Who are we?


God’s call to growth


Who do we feel God is calling us to be?


What are our values?



After discussion we still discern that God is calling us to be:

  • Jesus’ disciples
  • seekers of His Kingdom
  • open; to let God in and to hear Him
  • compassionate witnesses
  • prayerful
  • Eucharistic people
  • outward looking – to ‘take our light out into the world’
  • inclusive
  • steadfast and resilient
  • the  very best that we can be


Our values are to:

–  do Gods will

–  love our neighbour

–  share the Gospel; communicate our Good News by our words and deeds

–  be authentic; to lead lives that reflect our beliefs

–  become good listeners

–  respond to people’s needs as we discern them

–  be non-judgemental


Looking forward to 2023


To work towards responding to that call, and expressing our values, we will focus upon one of the following:




This year we will respond to that call by focussing on our Pilgrimage and the areas of:


·       Welcome and Integration

·       Learning and Discipleship

·       Prayer and Spirituality

·       Imaginative Outreach into the Community

·       Children and Young People


  1. Welcome and Integration
  2. Learning and Discipleship
  3. Prayer and Spirituality
  4. Imaginative Outreach into the Community
  5. Children and Young People
  6. Missional Leadership



What we will hope to achieve this coming year 2023:  

Focussing on a Season of Christian Living

Welcome and Integration

·        New Sign for in front of the church

·        New carpet for chancel

·        Explore the possibility of building a new toilet block

·        Random Acts of Kindness –“I need…..”  “I can offer….”


Learning and Discipleship

·        Day of Discovery – talking about our Faith

·        Lent Group – ‘Faith is a verb’

·        Monthly Discussion Group talking about the relevance of our faith

·        Planning End of Life discussion time


           Prayer and Spirituality

·        Retreat for congregation August 2 – 4 2023


Imaginative Outreach into the Community

·        How to engage the casual visitor – quiz/information

·        Prayer walks/cycle routes around Haddington

·        Raise profile of what we do on website – include Craft Group


Children and Young People

·       Explore monthly children’s church provision