Oct 22, 2021

Prayer and Reflection for November

written by Liz O'Ryan


“Mankind still at war with each other and all life on the planet under attack”


Dear God, you must be so tired of War, continuing Year after Year.

We remember all those who sacrificed their lives in the Great War and World War 2, and also in the many wars since.

We pray for peace on earth, the peace only You can bring about amongst nations and peoples. We ask that the focus of leaders be on caring for their people and on loving their neighbours. Forgive us for the resentments we ourselves hold towards others. Help us to see similarities and not differences, to show love and kindness and to let go and let you, God, do what we cannot do for ourselves.

We can feel helpless when we consider the distant people and places in anguish: Afghanistan, Syria, Southern Sudan, Lebanon and so many more.Our little acts of giving and prayer are maybe all we can do.

Closer to home, we can be examples of how you wish us to live through our own lives and in our own community. We pray for your guidance Lord, that we may be lights, which shine brightly locally reaching into the dark places and to those who are struggling to find peace. Please help us to share the love and compassion of Jesus through our words and deeds with whoever comes across our path each day.

Creator God, we pray that leaders agree the time for talk is past and urgent coordinated action is now needed by all. We pray that those who have made the most damage to your creation pick up and carry the heaviest load. Those who are victims and are least able to contribute are cared for by those who are more able. Help us to look at our own way of living and to seek your wise counsel on ways that we can do our bit to help save the planet for those who follow after us. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen