Mar 7, 2024

Eucharist Assistants Receive new Licenses

written by Liz O'Ryan

                                                                                                ‘By the help of God, I will!’

At Candlemas, 4th February, we, as a church, had the joyous task of celebrating and giving out the licenses, authorised by the Bishop, to those who have agreed to administer the chalice during the Eucharist.
For some their license also covered being able to take communion to those who are at housebound and help with services from the Reserved
Sacrament. It is a privilege and a joy to undertake this ministry, and those chosen, do so with humility and love.
During the short ceremony they promised to carry out their duties ‘with the help of God’. It is only by God’s grace, as Christ’s hands and
body here on earth, that all of us minister to each other. For God’s faithfulness and abundant blessings, we give thanks.