Mar 7, 2024

A first for the Scottish Episcopal Church!

written by Liz O'Ryan

Judith is commissioned as an Anna Chaplain – only the second in Scotland, the first for the Scottish Episcopal Church!

Readers will remember Judith Wilkinson’s article in the December 2023 issue of Gloria in which she described her progress towards becoming an Anna Chaplain. Anna Chaplains work within care homes and with the housebound, providing non-judgmental, person-centred spiritual care for older people of any faith (or none). Judith undertook her training last year under the supervision of Rev Liz and Canon
John Lindsay. On Sunday February 4th 2024 at the Candlemas service in Holy Trinity, she was commissioned as an Anna Chaplain to the specified area of Haddington. She is only the second Anna Chaplain in Scotland and the first within the Scottish Episcopal Church.
In a recent article for the Diocese, Rev Liz writes:  Judith’s commissioning and calling has grown out of many years of voluntary pastoral
ministry to the people of Holy Trinity. She has willingly and with love given of herself by visiting the sick, calling on the housebound, bringing the sacrament to those in hospital and those unable to come to church, and hosted many informal lunches where people can chat
and get to know one another better. This new ministry will be an extension of what Judith already does, encompassing it within a more formal setting.