Mar 7, 2024

What are you grateful for?

written by Liz O'Ryan

Lent Group 2024


Our Lent Group discussions this year centre around the Emotions of Jesus – and through looking at our Lord, we also explore emotions within ourselves. For our first week we talked about Gratitude…. how it was not dependent upon circumstances but rather an attitude to life which can be practised and enjoyed.

At the end of the session we were invited to name the things for which we are grateful:


I am grateful for:

Holy Trinity                                                   Family and friends

Opportunities and experience                  People

Where we live                                              Food on our table

Love                                                               Good health

Dogs                                                               Nature

Laughter with friends                                The gift of fellowship

Holy Trinity congregation

Jesus Walking and exchanging greetings

Tradition of the church seeking to be a light in surrounding darkness

Love from God and to God, encompassing all time and the world

God’s faithfulness and presence in my life

Grace in others so that I may be forgiven

Courses which help us contemplate the Lord in our lives

Freedom to be and to dream


What are you grateful for?