Feb 3, 2023

Prayers and thoughts for February

written by Liz O'Ryan


Lord God,

In these February days, when the days begin to get longer and the spring bulbs begin to show their shoots, so we pray for the light of your new life to enter into the dark places of this world.

We pray for those who still suffer from discrimination and prejudice…. in the workplace, in society, in social situations. We pray for those who struggle because of difficulties which cannot be seen. We pray for those who feel excluded and marginalised. Lord Jesus, you spent most of your time with those whom the world valued little. Be with those who cry out to you in loneliness, hurt and rejection. May they know themselves to be loved unconditionally by You.

We pray for those who are in the world’s limelight: celebrities, sports personalities, government officials, councillors, media influencers. We ask that all who have worldly power use it for the good of all, and not for their own personal agendas. Give them wisdom to recognise truth and to lead others with integrity. Help us, who do not have such power and wealth, to discern the good from that which is self seeking.

We pray for your church as it moves towards Lent and the cross. Give us humble hearts and a will to see ourselves in Your light. Help us to use the weeks of Lent to learn more of You, and to learn more of about ourselves and each other, that in sharing we may listen and in turn deepen our relationship with You.

We pray for the places where we live, giving thanks for the beauty which is there to be seen. Help us to be grateful each and every day for all the blessings given to us. We give thanks for those who love us, care for us and bring us joy. May we know that in all our smiles and laughter You are there between us and within us. As many celebrate St Valentine’s Day this year, may we bring to mind and hold close to us those whom we have loved and lost. And we pray for thsoe who at this time feel unloved and unnoticed. Open our eyes to see them and bring light into their lives.

We offer ourselves to You, Lord God, this month and this day. Even if we forget You, may You never forget us.

We ask these prayers in Jesus’ name,