Oct 8, 2021

Our Prayer for October

written by Liz O'Ryan



October is a time of change and we are grateful to You Lord for reminding us that the road is not always straight! Life is always changing, there are smooth times and rough times. We are grateful for these Seasons as they remind us that nothing stays the same or lasts for ever, apart from You our loving and ever present God.

We thank You for your creation and the diversity and varieties gifted to us. With Harvest at an end we give thanks for the grains, fruit and veg from the beautiful East Lothian land of which we are all stewards, and to all those who brought the harvest home. We ask You to show us how to share what we harvest in our lives with others less fortunate than ourselves.

We notice the changes: morning dew, colours, shorter days, stubble fields some now ploughed and sown, the departure of swallows and arrival of geese. The squirrels gathering nuts, the pruning of shrubs and plants, as nature prepares to be dormant, wildlife hibernate and human kind to ‘coorie doon’ for the coming Winter.

Through this coming season help us to spend time with you and to listen. We pray that we hear what changes You would like to see in us Lord. We ask for your good orderly direction each day, and that we may surrender our way of doing things and change to your ways. Help us to respond to the opportunities to show your love that may come our way each day.


We Pray This, Trusting and Believing in You, Amen