Aug 15, 2021

Our Prayer for the week beginning Sunday 15th August, 2021

written by timball

This week we pray for all those returning to School:

We pray that those in government, nationally and locally, who make wise decisions on education, grant the necessary resources to train and develop the teachers needed to give young people the education they deserve in a safe and stimulating environment. We pray for the physical and mental well being of all those in schools.

Remembering our mother and toddler groups, nurseries, primary and secondary schools, we ask you to hold teachers, staff, parents, carers, young adults, and children in your care in these times of uncertainty and anxiety.

We pray Lord for all school children who are preparing for the new school year. We pray that they will not feel nervous, especially on their first day at a new school. Help them to make friends and to feel confident and safe in their new surroundings.

Loving God, we ask you to bless fathers and mothers who are alone in bringing up their families. Guide and strengthen them when they are beset by doubts and difficulties, and assure them of Your presence at all times.

Heavenly Father, children are a gift and you have entrusted them to the care of their elders. Help our church family here at Holy Trinity to know your will, and to be guided by you on how we might better relate as older members of the community to the younger members – the growing shoots amongst us, young adults, teenagers and children.

In Jesus name we pray.

My Prayer is…………