Aug 13, 2020

My Faith Journey?

written by timball

It’s a yes from the Ministry Division! Wow! I am humbled and amazed. My journey of faith, which I have reflected deeply upon during the past 2 years of the Church of England discernment process, has been at times circuitous and at others a rather bumpy route to this happy feeling today. But the one constant on this journey has been the role music has played

in my call and closeness to God.

I began singing in the church choir aged 8… went on to playing the church organ aged 12, (attempting to play the pedals with size one and a half feet and chivvy along a large and sleepy congregation through 6 verses of ‘While Shepherd’s watched their flocks by night’ – really quite an art!) and consequently enjoyed countless weekends over the course of my 25 year career as a professional flute player, performing sacred and secular works in the many beautiful cathedrals we are blessed with throughout our land.

God has been there in every breath, in each exquisite arching phrase with its sonorous reverb tail, gently nudging and constantly encouraging, calling me to ‘sing’ every note to him and to listen more keenly for his whisper in the kaleidoscope of harmony that the high ceilings create…. reminding me of his great love for us all and urging me to hear beneath the deeper call to the holistic ministry of Priesthood.

Music can be received as a balm to our frazzled souls, ushering in uplifting experiences and I have found it to be the anchor and tethering rope that has held my faith steady through life’s ups and difficult downs. On the recent waiting days, as I wondered about my call and whether the church would put me forward to the next step in the process, Mozart’s setting of Psalm 117 – Laudate Dominum has been an enriching accompaniment. If you fancy listening, I highly recommend the version with the Berlin Philharmonic and Rachel Harnisch.

I am excited for this new chapter and adventure in my life. Music will of course underscore the ministry that God has in mind for me and I am grateful for this new leg of the journey and to be able to walk down it hand in hand with God. Throughout this discernment process Liz has been a tremendous cheerleader guiding me with her indomitable wisdom and knowledge and I don’t believe it would have been a yes without her perseverance, patience and humour – Thank you so very much Liz! Hurrah!