Apr 22, 2022

Technology advances in Holy Trinity!

written by Liz O'Ryan

Broadband, wifi and access to live streaming in Holy Trinity

During the various lockdowns over the last two years an option available to many churches was to access services and keep lines of communication open through our use of technology. I suspect that at the beginning of lockdown not many of us had even heard of the Zoom Application or Microsoft Teams but we certainly know what they are now!  For the past two years, being able to use such technology to see as well as to speak to families and friends proved to be a real blessing.

During this time of pandemic we, at Holy Trinity, began to explore the possibility of installing Broadband, Wifi and live streaming capability into the church.  After some investigation into the subject, Vestry gave approval and funding support was applied for. This was through the Scottish Episcopal Church Recovery and Renewal Fund which had been specially set up to help with such projects. With appropriate canonical governance complied with, work to deliver on the project was undertaken in December 2021 and January/February 2022.

The first event to be live streamed was the Diocesan Haddington Conference on Pilgrimage on 26 February 2022.  We are now beginning to live stream the Sunday and Wednesday service along with any other special events that may occur. We are aware that it is important to comply with GDPR guidance on what can and can’t be shown during these live streams. The picture concentrates on the front of the church, with altar and pulpit included; and when it is time for Communion the picture is lifted to focus on the reredos at the High Altar.

If you wish to watch, please go on to Holy Trinity Website and look top right for the Live Streaming Button. Just click on that and watch whilst the services happen. Both services start at 10am.


Phil O’Ryan